Best WordPress Plugins for Customer Testimonials

In a Dimensional Research survey, 90 percent of the respondents who could recall reading online product reviews said that the reviews had influenced their buying decisions. When people research products and services online, they trust the opinions of real customers. That’s why adding customer testimonials to your website can be a powerful way to increase conversion rates. Many WordPress developers have created plugins for customer testimonials. Install one of these plugins to give customers an easy way to review your business or its products.

WP Customer Reviews

Link (Free, Paid Upgrade Available)

WP Customer Reviews is a comprehensive solution for soliciting, managing and publishing customer reviews. With WP Customer Reviews, you can hold all reviews for moderation before publishing them. The plugin also has built-in spam protection that helps to prevent people from leaving reviews via automated means. It features built-in support to enhance the appearance of your product pages in Google’s search results.

Easy Testimonials

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The free version of Easy Testimonials doesn’t include a way for customers to leave reviews; you’ll have to buy the full version of the plugin for that feature. However, the free version does allow you to enter testimonials manually. Once you’ve entered the testimonials, you can use Easy Testimonials to display them almost anywhere including within a page, in your website’s sidebar or in a slider. Easy Testimonials supports markup.

TBUBBLES Testimonials Plugin

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TBUBBLES Testimonials Plugin provides a flexible method for collecting and displaying testimonials. You can customize all of the fields in the testimonial form to allow customers to submit images, ratings, links to their websites and more. A built-in shortcode feature allows you to insert testimonials anywhere within your website. TBUBBLES Testimonials Plugin outputs testimonials in a responsive format that displays properly on mobile devices and supports touch input. The plugin does have a drawback, though, in that it lacks support for markup.

Ultimate Testimonials

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If you need a plugin that can display testimonials in an attractive and eye-catching format, Ultimate Testimonials is an excellent choice. With 17 variations available including large full-width sliders and pop-up windows, you’re certain to find a testimonial format that’s a good fit for your website. Likewise, there are several variations that you can use for the testimonial forms. Ultimate Testimonials also supports the Visual Composer page builder. It does not support markup.

Testimonials Showcase

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Testimonials Showcase allows you to use grids or sliders when displaying testimonials. Within those two layout options, you can use a variety of visual styles such as speech bubbles, quotation marks and colored boxes. You can link any testimonial to the destination page of your choice, which works well for digital goods such as case studies. Testimonials Showcase lets you build submission forms and insert them anywhere within your website. It supports markup.

Strong Testimonials

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Strong Testimonials provides a simple and lightweight solution for accepting and displaying customer testimonials. While Strong Testimonials lacks the features of some other testimonial plugins — most notably support — all of its features are completely free. No paid version of the plugin is available. Strong Testimonials features a categorization system that you can use to organize testimonials. The submission form includes spam protection. You can display testimonials in a full page or a slider. You can also configure Strong Testimonials to send an email when a customer submits a form.