Best WordPress Plugins for Embedding Maps

A map is an essential website component for almost any type of local business. You can use a map to help people obtain driving directions. If your company has multiple locations, customers can use a map to find the locations closest to them. You can create a map that shows a local delivery radius or illustrates the path that your products take from the manufacturer to your warehouse. Although WordPress doesn’t have built-in mapping functionality, there are dozens of WordPress map plugins available. In this article, we’ll list our favorites.

Hero Maps Premium

Link ($19)

Hero Maps Premium is a comprehensive map plugin that draws data from Google Maps. It uses a responsive design to ensure that maps will look as they should on all screen sizes. It also includes multiple color schemes to let you create beautiful maps that blend well with your website’s existing design. Hero Maps Premium includes a wide selection of markers and shapes in various colors that you can add to your maps. If your company has multiple locations that offer different products or services, Hero Maps Premium is an ideal map plugin because it allows you to classify and filter the marked locations on the map.

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Link (Free)

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin has been made entirely free since the developer discontinued work on it in 2016. Although the discontinuation of the plugin means that you no longer need to pay for its full functionality, it also means that Comprehensive Google Map Plugin will receive no security updates in the future. This plugin is an excellent choice for a website with many mobile users because it can access a smartphone’s GPS receiver and display the user’s current location on the map. It also includes more than 250 icons that you can add to your maps.

Interactive World Maps

Link ($21)

A map plugin isn’t just a perfect solution for a local business. A map can also add an element of interactivity to a website by serving as a means to display and filter information. If you’d like to create an engaging infographic, for example, Interactive World Map is an excellent solution. You can use it to display a map of any region within the world. You can add color coding to areas within the map, place icons or let users filter the map by selected criteria.

WP Google Maps

Link (Free, Premium Version Available)

The greatest feature of WP Google Maps is that it is both fast and easy to configure. With the free version of WP Google Maps, you can add as many markers to a map as you like. Users have reported that WP Google Maps can handle tens of thousands of data points with no detectable performance slowdown. The premium edition of WP Google Maps costs $39 and includes free support forever. It also includes the ability to add heatmaps, embed video content and generate pop-up boxes that display extra information about map markers.


Link ($26)

Mapplic is the only map plugin on this list with the ability to draw data from sources other than Google Maps. Mapplic gives you access to an extensive directory of online maps. You can also import your own maps as standard images or vector files. Use Mapplic to embed a map of a company headquarters, a mall or a hospital. You can even display maps of fictitious locations such as game worlds. Since Mapplic supports vector images, you can allow website visitors to zoom in with no degradation in image quality.