How to Build Campaign Landing Pages for Your WordPress Website

If you have an online business, you already know that writing content is a great way to attract traffic. A useful article with a strong focus keyword can bring free traffic from Google to your website every day. Google’s ranking algorithm is a factor that you don’t control, though. One day, your article might occupy the top ranking for its focus keyword and send hundreds of visitors to your website. The next day, your article’s ranking — and your traffic — may drop with no logical explanation.

Advertising is an excellent way to bring a predictable volume of traffic to your website every day. Online advertising is even surprisingly affordable — but it has a bit of a learning curve.

Perform this simple calculation: Take all of the revenue that your company has ever earned, and divide it by the total number of customers that you have served. The result of that calculation is the average lifetime value of a customer. For your online advertising campaign to be successful, you’ll need to spend less than that amount each time you acquire a new customer — which isn’t as easy as it may sound.

What Are Landing Pages?

Suppose that each of your customers has an average lifetime value of $100.00. You run an advertising campaign on Google in which you pay $1.00 for each click. Out of every 100 visitors that your website receives from the advertisement, two become customers. Every $100 that you spend brings $200 in revenue — but you earn that revenue over months or years.

For your business to stay cash flow positive, you need a more efficient advertising campaign. You can make the campaign more efficient in two ways. You can spend less per click — which is difficult to do when you have competition — or you can increase your campaign’s conversion rate. The best way to increase the conversion rate of an advertising campaign is to link each advertisement to a landing page that gives the visitor exactly what he wants.

A landing page is the first page on your website that a visitor will see after clicking one of your advertisements. It should match up perfectly with the content of the advertisement and reassure the visitor that he has found exactly the right solution for his problem. It should also compel the visitor to buy your product — or to give you his email address — immediately.

How to Build Landing Pages in WordPress

These are the typical elements of a landing page that converts many of its visitors:

  • A punchy headline that immediately grabs the reader’s attention
  • A large image or video to maintain engagement
  • Compelling body text that addresses the visitor’s problem and explains how your company solves it
  • A strong call to action showing the visitor how you want him to proceed
  • No distractions

On its own, WordPress isn’t ideal for creating landing pages because there are always other links — in the header or sidebar, for instance — that visitors can click. You don’t want a visitor to click one of those links after viewing your advertisement, though — you want him to respond to the call to action on your landing page. For that reason, it’s easiest to create effective, concise landing pages in WordPress with a plugin.

Best Landing Page Plugins for WordPress

To launch a successful advertising campaign for your WordPress website, you need the ability to quickly create and deploy effective landing pages. These are our favorite landing page plugins for WordPress.

Parallax One Page Builder

Link ($23)

Parallax One Page Builder allows you to create beautiful landing pages that draw visitors in with animations and scrolling effects. It integrates with WooCommerce for product sales.

Landing Page Cat

Link (Free)

If you want to build a mailing list on a budget, Landing Page Cat is an excellent way to do it. Landing Page Cat does only one thing — it creates attractive landing pages for gathering email addresses — but it is completely free with no premium price tier.

Free Landing Pages Builder by Wishpond

Link (Free to 200 form submissions, monthly fee thereafter)

Free Landing Pages Builder by Wishpond is only free for the first 200 form submissions, but you’ll have the ability to test some powerful features during the free trial. This plugin offers analytics, A/B testing and more than 50 built-in landing page templates. You can also design your own landing pages using a drag-and-drop interface.