Best WordPress Plugins for Building Complex Forms

Bi-directional communication is the essence of modern online marketing — and for many websites, forms play an important role in enabling that communication. Your website may already have a basic contact form. It may even have forms for generating leads. With complex forms, though, you can accomplish even more.

You can enable website visitors to submit job applications or send detailed customer service inquiries, to name two examples. You can create a form for downloading a digital good such as an e-book. With the right plugin, the possibilities are nearly limitless. These are our favorite plugins for building complex forms in WordPress.

Ninja Forms

Link (Free, Premium Extensions Available)

Ninja Forms is a free drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to create forms by dragging fields into a template. It allows you to build an unlimited number of forms and collect an unlimited number of submissions, but some features require premium add-ons. Because Ninja Forms uses your website’s existing stylesheets, forms blend seamlessly with your website’s design. You can also create your own stylesheets to further customize your forms. Ninja Forms supports mailing list providers such as MailChimp, AWeber and Constant Contact. It also allows you to collect payments through PayPal, Stripe and Elavon.


Link ($39)

NEX-Forms is a nearly comprehensive form building solution that allows you to embed forms in pages or create forms that slide out when users click tabs on your website’s pages. You can even use NEX-Forms to create animated forms. NEX-Forms uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to build forms by placing fields on a grid. With NEX-Forms, you can build intelligent forms with conditional fields that only appear when users select certain options in other fields. With the conditional field feature, you can maintain the engagement of your users by keeping your forms as simple as possible unless additional information is necessary.

Form Maker by WD

Link (Free, Premium Version Available)

The free version of Form Maker by WD allows you to create an unlimited number of forms, but forms may have no more than seven fields each. Like Ninja Forms, Form Maker by WD integrates with a number of third-party solutions including MailChimp, Google Drive, Google Maps, Dropbox, PayPal and Stripe. However, some of the integrations are only available with the premium version of Form Maker by WD ($30 and up). Some of the advanced features of Form Maker by WD include:

  • Allows users to save forms in progress and return to them later
  • Can create a new WordPress post automatically from a submitted form
  • Can generate a PDF file from a submitted form
  • Can send copies of submitted forms to email recipients


Link ($38)

eForm is one of the few form builders for WordPress that accepts payments through processors such as PayPal and Stripe without the addition of a premium add-on. All of eForm’s features come with the basic $38 package. eForm can also integrate with your WooCommerce store. eForm can engage your users with quizzes and surveys. You can also use it to build a question-and-answer website or allow users to submit guest blog posts. Using the built-in rating system, users can vote for their favorite answers and posts.